(updated December 10, 2018)

Monday, 13 May, morning (9.30-12.30)
Introduction to Complex Networks (Latora): [summary]

Monday, 13 May, afternoon (14.30-17.30)
Network Geometry (Petri): Simplicial complexes and complex systems, a general introduction. Structural properties of simplicial complexes; local and global observables, basics of homology. Models of simplicial complexes: random null models, configuration and exponential models, growing models. Complex network geometry and manifolds; dynamics of and on simplicial complexes: activity driven model, percolation, epidemic spreading and synchronization.

Tuesday, 14 May, morning (9.30-12.30)
Complex Networks with Many Layers (Latora): [summary]

Tuesday, 14 May, afternoon 
no lectures

Wednesday, 15 May, morning (9.30-12.30)
Topological Data Analysis (Petri): Topological simplification (Mapper), optimization and automatic parameter selection; statistical validation and applications to social and biological systems; introduction to persistent homology, robustness and localization, distances between homological summaries; applications to the structure of networks, embeddings of dynamical processes, brain imaging data and neural networks.

Wednesday, 15 May, afternoon (14.30-17.30)
short talks by students (see page Application)

Wednesday, 15 May, evening (20.00)
social dinner

Thursday, 16 May, morning (9.30-12.30)
Machine Learning and Networks (Eliassi-Rad): Supervised and semi-supervised learning in networks: relational dependencycollective classification, and network sampling; unsupervised learning in networks: community discoveryrole discoverygraph representation learning, and anomaly detection.

Thursday, 16 May, afternoon
no lectures

Friday, 17 May, morning (9.30-12.30)
Ecological Networks (Kéfi): Networks provide powerful tools to visualize and quantify the complexity of ecological systems. In this lecture, I’ll present some of the broad questions that have been addressed with networks in ecology. I’ll give an overview of recent (and less recent) studies on the structural regularities of ecological networks, and what we know about the links between these structural properties and ecological network dynamics, and in particular their resilience to perturbations.

Friday, 17 May, afternoon (14.30-17.30)
Animal Collective Behavior (Couzin): [summary]